eion cam 1.0
eion cam 1.0
Here is all the power of eion's camera in a single app: eion cam 1.0

eion cam 1.0 is free. You can get it from l'App Store

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Taking pictures is fine.
Taking beautiful pictures is much better.

What is a beautiful picture ?
Photographing what makes you vibrate: a moment, a face, a landscape, an atmosphere, a sunset...

But it's also:
- Balanced lights
- Harmonious colors
- Accurate details of your image

With a camera:
- Who has complete, easily accessible and precise settings
- Capable of shooting hundreds of photos without draining your battery
- Image formats you can change on the fly

The eion cam offers you all this and much, much more...

A tool for your eye

eion cam is a tool for your eye. EAnd a playground to experience your sensibility.

All the power of a native 12Mpx camera tailor-made for iPhone.
eion cam dashboard
You have access to all of these settings in a compact menu and thanks to its full screen display you will not miss any details. Install eion cam from the App Store

Live cropping

Crop your scenes with a single gesture, live and before taking your photo, thanks to the 5 formats: Full screen / 16:9 / 3:2 / 4:3 / square.

A landscape that does not fit in a 16/9 format ? A slide to the right or to the left and bingo ! Switch to square or 4/3 format: it's all there.
eion cam formats
Framing your images has never been so easy. Install eion cam from the App Store

Instant inspiration

With the help of 33 live filters and 5 FX discover a new reality and find inspiration immediately.

Live filters are like changing sunglasses 33 times in 5 minutes.
eion cam filters
FX on eion is like exploring new worlds. Install eion cam from the App Store

Image Explorers

With the help of the eion photo library, explore all your images, in full screen or zoomed out display.

You can also easily find your images on a specific date, using the speed slider and the date displayed when you scroll through your images.
eion cam library
Super useful. Install eion cam from the App Store

Images in your images

Photo cropping is a basic and essential tool of any image editing.
Thanks to the matrix calculation, the cropping of eion is simple and very, very, very powerful.

Crop your photos to the nearest pixel and enlarge them to 12 megapixels (Mpx).
eion cam crop
These are literally new images that you discover inside your images and in full resolution (12 Mpx). Install eion cam from the App Store

Create compos

Thanks to the compos on eion you can assemble from 2 to 100 images in one.

The power and precision of eion's matrix calculation preserves all the finesse of the colors and the original details while remaining under the 12MP bar and without draining your battery.
eion cam compos
Install eion cam from the App Store

eion + eion cam

We did it and you can get them both.

If you want to start publishing images or discover amazing creatives from different backgrounds, then join us on the eion platform: eion 1.4.
eion + eion cam
Install eion 1.4 from the App Store

Install eion cam

You can install eion cam from the App Store

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