eion 1.4
eion 1.4
Here are all the new features of eion 1.4:
  • Translucent tools
  • ions / reputation
  • Image escalators
  • Invisible titles
  • Links detection
  • Reading comfort
  • Augmented Navigation
  • New websites

eion 1.4 is free. You can update eion or install it from the App Store

You can also read this page in French in a web browser.

Translucent tools

A translucent bar has been added behind the tools, located at the bottom of the screen.

It's beautiful, simple and practical and allows you to keep control of the main actions on eion, while subtly and perfectly blending in with the image.
eion outils translucides
These new translucent tools also enhance and perfectly accompany your images when you publish them in full screen.

ions / reputation

An ion is formed by the smallest interaction you make on eion when viewing an image, doing a like, becoming a fan of someone, or posting an image.

Each thus has on eion its total of ions.
eion ions
The total of your ions increases, according to your actions on eion, thus illustrating your progress, your commitment and your reputation in the eion community.

Find out your ions total in the notifications you receive when you post an image. Discover those of others when they like your images or become a fan of yours.

69987 being the highest ion total currently held by a user on eion.

Image escalators

Discover a new way to navigate on eion.

Tap on the escalator icon, located at the bottom right of the "+" button and let yourself be teleported.
eion escalator
These escalators allow you to navigate differently in a stream and find your images quickly.

Invisible titles

You can now not display the title on an image.

When posting an image, do not change the title, which is the default date. The title will then be invisible on your published image.

To display it, do a "swipe up" on the image.
eion invisible title
If you modify the default title or if you add an image description then your title will remain visible on the published image.

Links detection

All internet addresses that are added in the description of an image or in your "About" are now clickable and open the corresponding web page in Safari.

Create bridges from eion to elsewhere on the internet...
eion link detect
As with any content on eion, you are of course responsible for the links you post.

Reading comfort

Line breaks, line spacing and automatic hyphenation of image descriptions and "About" have been reworked in order to provide the reader with better reading comfort.

Readers can now also choose between 3 text sizes: compact, medium and comfort.
eion reading comfort
Like your images, your texts are in good hands with eion 1.4

Augmented Navigation

New information has been added to help you when getting started and navigating eion.

The menus have been enriched with explanations and a color hierarchy directs you to the most important actions.
eion compos
The tooltips have been reworked for better readability and the button to become a fan is now immediately accessible.

New websites

Like the app, your eion on the internet has been redesigned for better use and easier access.

Your "About" and image descriptions are now displayed on your eion site.

All web addresses that are added in the description of an image or in your "About" are now clickable and open the corresponding web page in a browser.
eion compos
Your images are accessible to everyone, thanks to your eion on the internet, whatever the user's equipment, in addition to the application for iPhone and iPad.

Your eion address can be found in the emails you receive when you post an image.

Install eion 1.4

You can update or install eion 1.4 from the App Store

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